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Invigorating Scalp Massage Brush

The Invigorating Scalp Massage Brush is entirely made of eco-friendly silicone material, and revitalizes the scalp when a gentle pressure is applied to activate the meridian points. The ergonomic design of the hand grip also optimizes massage experience.

Benefits of using Scalp Massage Brush

If you spend long hours on your laptop and mobile phone every day, you are likely to be no stranger to eye strains, headaches, stiff shoulders and back tensions.

Stimulating and comforting the scalp not only enables you to sleep and think better, but also helps you calm and relax the mind after a stressful day.

How to use the Scalp Massage Brush

Apply 1 cap of Yuan Shampoo on the scalp first, then use the Scalp Massage Brush to perform a 5-step scalp massage.

Step 1: Massage the ShenTing (神庭) acupoint – located about 0.5 inch above the midline, at the junction of your forehead and hairline.

Step 2: Massage the BaiHui (百会) acupoint – located at the top of the head, in line with the tip of the ears.

Step 3: Massage the Tongtian (通天) acupoints – located 4 inches towards the back of the head from the front hairline, then 1.5 inches to both sides from the middle of the scalp.

Step 4: Massage the Lvgu (率谷) acupoints – located 1.5 inch directly above the tip of both ears.

Step 5: Massage the Tianzhu (天柱) acupoints – located at the junction of the back of your hairline and neck, then 1.3 inches to both sides from the middle of the scalp.