Yuan Wooden Diffuser-Harmony (处处香-平和)

Yuan Wooden Diffuser-Harmony (处处香-平和)

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Yuan Wooden Diffuser-Harmony (处处香-平和)

  • Yuan Wooden Diffuser (处处香-平和) is handcrafted with pine wood. The low scent level of pine wood ensures that it does not interfere with the fragrance of essential oils. It works well as a diffuser as essential oil can be absorbed quickly into the wood. With extended usage,  the texture of the pine wood will beautify over time.

  • Size: Diameter 4cm x Height 6cm

Usage Method

  • Drip the essential oil on Yuan Wooden Diffuser, then spread the essential oil evenly using your hands, let the wood naturally absorb the essential oil to diffuse the fragrance. 


  • Pine tree